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Responsible Gaming

As far as gambling is concerned, Rich Palms Casino is a company dedicated to providing users with top-notch products. The main goal is fun and enjoyment, not stress, lust for victory, or addiction. That is why there are a certain number of rules and restrictions on the platform. By setting certain rules, RichPalms guarantees every player a safe gambling experience.

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Basic Rules and Restrictions

As has been already stated, our company Rich Palms provides its gaming services only if you, as a user, have studied the rules and requirements established by the platform. Complying with all of them will allow avoiding restrictive measures that may be applied to violators. RichPalms Casino’s responsible gambling policy includes the following major points:

  • The platform falls under the management of Alistair Solutions N.V., which aims to support a safe and responsible gaming environment, and as such, Rich Palms Casino requires players to follow a responsible gambling policy;
  • The minimum age for access is 18 years old. The use of a special filter app is recommended to prevent accidental access by your underage family members;
  • For those who are prone to gambling addiction, the use of a “Responsible Gambling Mode” is recommended. It consists of a specific list of technical procedures that are set to reduce the influence of negative factors;
  • Ability to set the self-control function, otherwise known as “Self-Exclusion”. It allows you to self-limit your use of the platform services for up to 6 months up to 5 years.
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A Responsible Attitude

In addition to the binding rules and requirements, our company Rich Palms Casino provides you with a number of tips that will allow you to prevent the onset of problems or minimize them at early stages. These include:

  • Each user must manage his or her personal funds wisely. You should take into account the current financial situation and not give every last penny; 
  • Everyone, without exception, is obliged to maintain risk control and not to take certain actions where you are not sure of the consequences;
  • Set a goal of playing for fun, not money;
  • Any gambler must set a time limit on using the platform, so as not to miss out on other areas of their life;
  • One should only gamble if not being stressed, sad, or under pressure;
  • It is strictly forbidden to gamble under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications, or chronic fatigue.

Such practices will not guarantee to be totally safe from gambling addiction, but they will allow to detect its potential signs or minimize them. In the extreme case, if you understand that you will not be able to resolve the situation on your own, seek help from professionals.

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